Gun Safe Reviews

We spend serious bandwidth (pun intended) talking about safety and providing detailed gun safe reviews. It's important to use. Safety is one of those big-ticket items that sets true professionals apart from the hobbyists. And we cover a lot of ground in our reviews of gun safes. But, coming from a police and law enforcement background, we're all about collecting information from every source we can. That's just the investigator in us. So, to that end, we wanted to put together an article where listed the best gun safe reviews we could find.

First, if you haven't checked out our articles, we break them up into categories to help you better focus your search.  Such as the best biometric gun safe, the best bedside gun safe, and the best gun safes under $500, under $1,000, and under $10,000. Take a look, there's surely some information you can utilize in those articles. And be sure to leave feedback and input in the comments section on your thoughts and experience. Likewise, be sure to sign up at the end of this article to be notified of our future posts.

Gun Safe Reviews

Without further delay, let's look at some of the sites that have great reviews of gun safes. Keep in mind, as part of our scrutiny, we look at the information, photos, videos, and any financial bias these articles might have. (Note: We have no bias, use no affiliate links, and make no money off referring you to these sites. If you'd like to support us, support yourself, and buy some of our apparel.) In no particular rank, here's our list of best posts on gun safes.

23 Best Gun Safes in 2019 - by thegunsafes.net

This is a comprehensive article that is easy to read and digest. The review utilizes bullet lists to call-out major features with a pretty good photo of each safe. With over 81,000 views at the time of this article, it clearly provides a lot of people with useful information. It also breaks the safe up into several different categories, to include the Top Recommendations for Long Guns, Best Safes for Handgun Storage, and Best Hidden Safes.

gunsafes.net screen shot

There are a few drawbacks to the article, despite it being pretty excellent overall. One, the site uses affiliate links (like most sites, except ours). Second, there's not much information on the authors bona fides. and Last, there's not a lot of additional media to really "see" the safes. However, all in all, it's a pretty good article and worth the read if you're in the market for a new gun safe.

9 Best Gun Safes - by gearhungry.com

In addition to providing a detailed review of nine gun safes, this article gives you a gun safe FAQs and buying guide section. Out of all the gun safe reviews, this is unique, in that it also gets you squared away on gun safe terminology. In other words, it provides you with a lexicon or glossary of terms you're likely to see when purchasing a gun safe. 

gearhungry.com screen shot

There are affiliate links in this article. And is mostly full of stock photographs. But, it boils down some important information and gives you a good starting place for your research. The author reviews all types of gear. So, although he's not claiming to be an extremely experienced gun safe guy, he does review a lot of different products. Which allows him to do a good job of organizing all of the information to make it easy for you to digest.

Best Gun Safe - by gunsafereviewsguy.com

There is a ton of information in this gun safe article. I mean a TON! It can get a little distracting and start running together. But the author covers a lot of good information and specifications on a lot of gun safes. Not to mention, he does break the safes into categories to help you identify the right one for you. The author states that the website serves three purposes:

  • Save gun owners time by providing a centralized and easy to read resource for learning about gun safes.
  • Separate the facts from the B.S. and marketing hype to so that you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Save fellow gun owners from wasting our hard-earned money.

gunsafesreviewguy screen shot

We can get behind that.

Best Gun Safe - by gunbacker.com

When we look at gun safe reviews, we love high-resolution photos that you can't find anywhere else. And if there are videos, all the better. Well, this article provides a ton of large hi-res photos. Likewise, the article is broken down into an easy to read format with a table of contents. We like the fact the table of contents lists out everything that's covered in the article. And there are quick links to that exact location.

gunbacker.com screen shot

The author of this article, Chris, has a lot of experience and certifications with firearms and firearms safety. So he's got the bona fides. There are affiliate links, but again, that's pretty much everywhere. One thing that was annoying on the site was the amount of pop up advertisements. It made for some laggy scrolling, which got distracting.

Best Gun Safe - by asecurelife.com

This blog post gives you an easy to read breakdown of safes in several different categories. Those categories include quick access safes, best long gun safes, and biometric gun safes. There is some crossover of safes in his articles and in ours. So we feel the author is pretty honest, despite using affiliate links. In the end, which is actually posted at the beginning, the author provides you with a list of the top three gun safes. One from each category.

asecurelife.com screen shot

What's pretty cool about this article is that it's written by an author who admittedly likes to break into things. Sometimes having a background in guns, tactics, etc. is great for writing reviews. However, when writing a review on gun safes, it helps if you've actually tried to tamper with or break into the safe. Matt claims to review everything from that angle. We'd like to see some photos or videos of Matt breaking into these safes, but those were not in the article.

Gun Safe Reviews - Final Thoughts

If you're in law enforcement, or even if you're not, you likely have a bit of scepticism about peoples' motives. For us, postings and articles that review products definitely get our spidey senses going. But, if you do your homework, there are folks putting out some great information. And when it comes down to it, everyone's situation is a bit different. So, find the right gun safe for your needs and your space. Utilize the information in our gun safe articles, as well as some of those listed above. And you'll be well on your way to safely storing your firearms. Let us know what you decided on in the comments below!

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