Best Gun Safe Under $500

For true professionals, proper storage of your weapon is a critical element of concealed carry. Whether it's in your car, at home, or anywhere else, properly securing your firearm every time, allows you to focus on the clothing and gear you need to look good and play good. Because we seem to always get asked about safes, this is the first article in a series that will focus on home gun safes. These go-to guides for 2020 will outline some of the best gun safes under $500under $1,000, and under $10,000.

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Finding the Best Gun Safe Under $500

The truth is, for many folks, purchasing a gun safe is often an afterthought. After all, safely storing a firearm is not specifically in the four pillars of gun safety. However, it goes without saying that the safe storage of a firearm is a necessary part of responsible gun ownership. And it is one of those things that separates the professionals from everyone else. A gun safe not only protects your firearms, but the extra room in the safe can be used to protect your family heirlooms, jewelry, and many other things.

This article explores several gun safes that will not break the bank, and will also give you a strong quality product. The gun safes below could all qualify for the 2019 best gun safe under $500. Therefore, they are not in any type of order. What makes a gun safe the best for one person, will not necessarily make it the best for another. The gun safes below are all quality products. Identify your circumstances and let that dictate the best fit for your firearms and your home. If you are searching for a value, none of these safes will break the $500 mark before taxes (as of the writing of this article).

ProVault 12 Gun Safe by Liberty Safe

The first gun safe is the ProVault 12 by Liberty Safe. The ProVault 12 is great for someone that has a decent firearm collection and the space to place a larger, powered safe. This safe is ruggedly constructed with 14-gauge steel and a 1” fire door. The safe will withstand 1200 degrees for 30 minutes and has a Palusol® door seal that will expand when exposed to extreme heat.

provault gun safe by liberty

In terms of security, this safe has ten 4” locking bars and uses a mechanical dial to gain access. The ProVault 12 has an anti-pry door that lacks seams. The safe is 59” H x 18” W x 16” D. This safe comes with pre-drilled holes for floor mounting and openings for access to electricity. This Liberty Safe manufactured product weighs in at 247 lbs., which is one of the heaviest safes on this list. With the ability to hold 12 rifles and great security features, the $429.99 price tag shows that the ProVault 12 is a great bargain. It is one of our top choices for the best gun safe under $500.

Stack-On Stand-Up Home Defense Safe

The next safe on the list is the Stack-On Stand-Up Home Defense Safe. This safe has a compact design that results in a small footprint. It can easily fit in a closet or a corner that is out of sight. This Stack-On safe is constructed with high-quality steel. Although not fireproof, this safe will protect your firearms from theft using either a biometric or electronic lock. It uses a two-way locking system with three solid steel live-action bolts and three deadbolts.

stack stand up safe

Inside of the safe is a removable shelf and fully carpeted walls and ceiling. There is a foam bottom to protect the firearms inside. This safe is 55” H x 12” W x 11” D and weighs only 98 lbs. Stack-On includes the mounting hardware, so you'll be able to secure it as soon as it is in place. The Stand-Up Home Defense Safe has a three rifle/shotgun and four handgun capacity. With a price tag of $198.87 this safe is great for someone with a small inventory of firearms living on a budget.

Under Bed Safe XXL by SnapSafe

A third safe, that is both unique and practical, is the Under Bed Safe XXL by SnapSafe. This safe is not what people generally think of a gun safe, but it is fully functional as one. With the dimensions of 7” H x 48” W x 24” D, this safe design fits underneath a bed or a couch and has a pry resistant slide out drawer. This safe construction boasts 14-gauge steel and has a carpet lined interior.

underbed storage by snapsafe best gun safe under 500

Due to the slide-out drawer, the Under Bed Safe XXL has a 100 lb. limit. Although there is weight limit it is pre-drilled for permanent installation and has a five-foot steel cable for additional security. A weight of 148 lbs. should keep it pretty well in place, but the added security of the cable is a nice feature. The Under Bed Safe XXL can hold 2 to 4 rifles based on their configuration. It has a digital lock with a back-up key. This safe is the most expensive on the list coming in at $449.99.

Sportsman 10 by Field & Stream

The fourth, budget-friendly safe is manufactured by Field & Stream. This safe is the Sportsman 10 model. The Sportsman 10 is fire resistant up to 30 minutes at temperatures reaching 1400 degrees. Making it a top fireproof safe in the best gun safe under $500 category. This safe is constructed of high-quality steel and has a recessed, pry-resistant door. The fully-carpeted interior also contains four fully-adjustable shelves. The top to bottom interior notches allows you to place shelves at any level. Another convenience feature is there are barrel rest adapters for scoped rifles.

sportsman 10 gun safe by field and stream

The Sportsman 10 features a three-number combination lock and a black lever handle. Security is the priority and the safe features five locking bolts, three live-action and two deadbolts. It is pre-drilled at the bottom for easy installation. The Sportsman 10 is 55” H x 19” W x 15.25” D and weighs 247 lbs. Field & Stream has started focusing on larger safes, but the Sportsman 10 can be purchased for $349.98.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe

The last and certainly not least is the Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe. This safe features all-steel construction with tamper-resistant inner edges. Although not fireproof, it does have pry-proof deadbolts for added safety. This safe comes carpet lined with a removable shelf. Much like the earlier safes, this is pre-drilled for easy installation.

barska quick action safe

The Barska safe is the lightest and slimmest safe in the "best gun safe under $500" category. It is 52.13” H x 8.62” x 9.75” deep and weighs only 62 lbs. Although slightly smaller than the Stack-On safe, this safe will hold four rifles and some handguns as well. Touted as “quick access”, the Barska safe features a biometric lock that will open in 2.5 seconds. If quick access is the biggest selling point for the consumer, this safe is a steal at $299.99. It is the only biometric option making the list in our best gun safe under $500.


Picking out the best safe under $500 is up to the consumer and their individual needs. However, the safes listed in this article will provide a sense of security when it comes to the storage of firearms. Whether you own one rifle or one-hundred, there are safes that will fit that need. These are our choices for budget-friendly safes that will perform their duties effectively. And they will help keep some money in the budget for more clothing or gear. If you have any other recommendations leave a comment for the community. 

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Post updated September 2019


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