Best Gun Safe Under $1000

Welcome to the second article of our multi-part series on gun safes. As you are all well aware, not all gun safes are equal. And they certainly aren't priced equally. The best safes under $500 can certainly fill the need. But sometimes you may need a little more, whether it's biometrics, fireproofing, space or something else. (If your budget allows even more than $1,000, check out our best gun safes under $10,000.

The safes in this article are a little more expensive but will suit the experienced firearm collector still on a budget. There are some great choices that make the list for the best gun safe under $1000. Whether it's a car safe, home safe, biometric safe, or some other gun storage solution, there are some great products out there. And if you need a quick lock-up option while you're on the go, check out our recommended cable locks.

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Best Gun Safe Under $1,000 

Gun safety and storage is a major component of dressing good and looking good. Being a professional is about looking the part and acting the part. These safes help you organize and safely store the tools of your trade. Typically, the more expensive safes have more room for firearms and other items than their less expensive cousins. Although most of the safes in this article are large and roomy, we also provide one alternative that is the most stylish to hit the market in quite some time. As always, you must determine what is best for your collection and available space. But once you pick the one that's right for you, establish your routine, your weapon storage process, and be consistent.

ProVault 24 by Liberty Safe

The first gun safe is the ProVault 24 by Liberty Safe. This safe's smaller version, the ProVault 12, is covered in best gun safes under $500.00. They are very similar, but the ProVault 24 adds quite a bit more space. The ProVault 24 is great for someone with a decent firearm collection and the space to place a larger, powered safe. The construction of the safe is rugged and comes with 14-gauge steel and a 1” fire door.

gun safe provault 24 by liberty

The safe withstands 1200 degrees for 30 minutes and has a Palusol® door seal that will expand when exposed to extreme heat. In terms of security, this safe has ten 4” locking bars and uses a mechanical dial to gain access. The ProVault 24 has an anti-pry door that lacks seams. The safe is 59” H x 28” W x 20” D. This safe is pre-drilled for floor mounting and has holes for access to electricity. This Liberty Safe product weighs in at 370 lbs., making it one of the heaviest safes on our list. With the ability to hold 24 firearms and quality safety features, the ProVault 24 is available for $649.99.

Champion Safes Model T Series 21

Another product on the "best gun safe under $1000" list is the Champion Safes Model T Series 21. The safe's 12-gauge steel and 2” thick walls allow this safe to withstand 1350 degrees for 60 minutes. And this safe comes with some interesting safety features. All of the door hinges are internal and it has an auto-relock system. This system allows the safe to relock automatically after a pre-determined time. Due to this auto-relock system, it adds peace of mind to those that may be forgetful about locking their safe. In addition, the door itself locks with eight 1” door bolts and can utilize a mechanical or electronic lock. Furthermore, the door also features the classic three-spoke handle.

champion 21 t series

Weighing in at 490 lbs. and measuring 60” H x 28” W x 20” deep, this safe is capable of handling up to 24 firearms. You are able to arrange the shelves and door organizer to better accommodate your equipment. The price for this safe fluctuates and may sometimes be slightly more than $1,000. With the safety features and fire protection rating, this safe is a great value to keep valuable equipment protected.

Gunbox SK-1 Tactical Safe

The next safe on the list is the most unique safe. Blurring the lines between contemporary furniture and firearm protection is the Gunbox SK-1 Tactical Safe. Although this safe can only hold one rifle/shotgun and up to four handguns, it made the list for its innovation and discretion. This is definitely not your grandfather or father’s safe. The SK-1 has pressure formed, zero weld body. It has interlocking die-cast hinges and opens much like a clamshell. With wireless Bluetooth speakers, this safe can sit in a living room and stream music. This safe is sleek and modular enough that people in the room would even realize it's a safe, let alone one in the best gun safe under $1000 category.

gunbox sk-1 gun safe

It is light at 35 lbs., and only occupies a small space at 42.9” H x 13.5” W x 4.5” D. Along with its unique looks, the SK-1 has several accessibility features. The owner of this safe can access it using biometrics, RFID accessories, and via Bluetooth connectivity. RFID accessories include rings, key fobs, keycards, and wristbands. Despite its smaller capacity and $699.99 price tag, this unique piece of equipment definitely makes the list of the best gun safes under $1000.

Kodiak KB19ECX

Returning to the more traditional safe, the next safe on the list is the Kodiak KB19ECX. This safe's construction boasts 2 mm steel and a fire rating of 30 minutes at 1400 degrees. The Kodiak has several security features that other large safes are missing. Built into the electronic lock is an anti-tamper clutch. If someone tampers with or removes the keypad, the auto-lock feature forces the safe to lock. Additionally, a single hardened steel plate is behind the locking mechanism to prevent against drill attacks. Along with those features, the Kodiak’s door uses eight 1” door bolts. The interior of the safe comes with adjustable carpeted shelving and has carpet-covered walls.

kodiak kb19ecx gun safe

The Kodiak is pre-drilled for their patented dehumidifier or the Kodiak designed swing-out gun rack. The Kodiak is capable of holding 30 rifle/shotguns and 4 handguns inside of its large 59” H x 28” W x 20” D size. It may be one of the lightest full-size safes on the list at 350 lbs., but the added safety features make this safe the most expensive on this list. The Kodiak KB19ECX can be purchased for $869.00, qualifying it as "best gun safe under $1000" worthy.

Steelwater Heavy Duty SW 592216

The last safe featured for under $1000 will be the Steelwater Heavy Duty SW592216. What it lacks in name, it makes up with some interesting features. The Steelwater safe's 12-gauge steel and 60 minutes at 1875 degrees fire rating make it a robust gun storage option. This safe comes with a door that is 4.75” thick that locks via ten 1.5” locking bolts. Safety features include an EMP-proof electronic lock and a drill resistant hard plate to protect the locking mechanism. The outside of this safe is a formidable opponent to any thief, but the interior is meant for the owner. The upholstered interior and shelving allow a bit of customization, while built-in LED lights allow the owner to see everything inside clearly.


steelwater heavy duty egs5922 gun safe


The safe is pre-drilled for installation and for a dehumidifier. But neither of these kits come with the purchase of the safe. The roomy interior of the safe allows for storage of 12 to 16 shotguns/rifles. If you utilize the door organizers, your storage capacity increases even more. The Steelwater safe is a hefty 30 lbs. and is 59” H x 22” W x 16” D. With a long list of unique safety features, one might expect this safe to be over $1000, but at $779.00 this safe is well within the set budget.

What is the Best Gun Safe Under $1000?

As shown in this article, there are several products that make the list for the best gun safe under $1000. (Note: prices do fluctuate, but at the time of writing these safes could be found for under $1,000.) And they will protect your firearms, as well as a multitude of other items. Each safe has its pros and cons, but you can be certain, if you purchase any of these safes, you will receive a high-quality product that will likely last a lifetime. Or until you need more room for your ever-expanding firearm collections.

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