The Best Biometric Gun Safe

Welcome to another post in our series on gun safes. This time we're highlighting the best biometric gun safe for your needs. Sure, it helps to be able to narrow down a gun safe purchase by price. Especially if you're looking for a gun safe under $500 or under $1,000. But one of the more exciting features on gun safes is biometrics. Being that we are true professionals, like you, we are huge gun safety advocates. And we are impressed with all the biometric safes available out there. Storage capacities ranging from 2 to 64 guns, with prices ranging from $200 to almost $3000, you're sure to find the right one!

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Best Biometric Gun Safe

To that end, we still have more specific articles on safes coming, to include posts on fireproof safes and luxury safes. But today we are looking at a different category of safes. Those containing biometric security features to protect your valuables. Most of these safes also have fireproof protection, but biometrics will add another layer of security to discourage tampering or intrusions.

biometric safes fingerprint

First, let's clarify biometrics . Biometrics is the scientific term for behavioral and/or body measurements and calculations, especially as a means for verifying identity. This includes fingerprints, face recognition, DNA and eye retina. You may have run across this if you have a smartphone with biometric features, or maybe with your passport, or maybe even to gain access to your workplace. For home safes, biometric features usually refer to your fingerprints. And that’s what we will be covering here, in your quest for the best biometric gun safe.

Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

Kicking us off is a great safe from Viking. While the name does imply small, it is not the smallest in today’s line-up. But it is the least expensive. The safe has a simple military look, but its size is 8”x12”x8”, which allows you to place it anywhere around your home or office. Additionally, this Viking has an upgraded 500 DPI Optical sensor. This allows you to scan and save 32 fingerprints for multiple people, and 1 pin code that every user must know. The safe also comes with a back-up key.

VS-20BLX-2 imageMoreover, the interior of the safe is completely carpeted. And the interior light and one removable shelf are two nice additional features of this model. When you open the safe, the mechanism is designed to operate silently so intruders won’t hear you. However, a warning beep will sound if the door is left unlocked. The VS-20BLX is a top choice in the best biometric gun safe category. It can easily organize a handgun or two, jewelry, cash and important documents, and comes in at an affordable $130.

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

Next, we have the Vaultek VT20i. The safe looks like something out of the future. With a solid black case and bright red display lights, it looks and performs great. In fact, we will also highlight this safe in our best vehicle gun safes article, so it is quite versatile too. Also, this pistol safe comes with an auto-open lid and a rechargeable battery, both nice features that are not on every model. (Critical advice: keep in mind that if you don’t go to your safe on a regular basis; don’t get caught with low or dead batteries in an emergency.)

vaultek v20i gun safe

Likewise, this safe has interior mounted hinges, interior security brackets for floor or wall mount, and 16-gauge carbon steel construction with a powder coat finish to protect your belongings from corrosion. Gain access to your safe using the rapid-fire backlit keypad or biometric fingerprint scanner. SMART SAFE TECHNOLOGY gives you an interactive feature to control many of the safe’s functions using your smartphone.

Vaultek Biometric Safe Diagram

In addition, the VT20i holds a rechargeable lithium battery providing power up to 4 months, and recharges in 2.5 hours. The safe comes with a micro-USB charging kit. This pistol safe is really up to date with technology, and many users will like the accessibility from their cell phones. Today’s prices are showing this Vaultek safe in the $260 price range.

GunVault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe

Continuing, the XL MVB1000 is next on our list of the best biometric gun safes. It also uses fingerprint recognition to gain access to the interior. This model touts a high-performance algorithm to accomplish quick identification of enrolled fingerprints and provide maximum security. The algorithm used here has a very low “False Reject Rate” (FRR), which decreases the likelihood of a false read each time you access the safe.


The MVB100 stores 120 fingerprint sets and comes standard with a 4-foot security cable. Thus, making this firearms safe perfect for home or travel. Not only does the high strength mechanism perform reliably, but the safe’s precise fittings make it virtually impossible to pry open with ordinary hand tools. While the MVB1000 comes with some nice features, especially for portability, a list price in the $230 to $330 range is expensive. But, after looking around a bit, you should be able to find this unit for around $170 (if it's in stock).

GunVault SpeedVault SVB500 Biometric Pistol Handgun Safe

That's right, that makes two GunVault safes making the best biometric gun safe article. To some extent, it doesn’t really even look like a gun safe. Remember the old movies or television shows when the sheriff or good guy was about to get finished off. Then he suddenly reaches under the desk or beside the bed in his hotel room, pulls out his back-up, allowing him to live to see another day? This is that pistol holder; only with 21st century top of the line features.

gunvault svb500

Looking at the photo, you can see it is definitely for one weapon. But, it can be placed strategically around the home or office for the quickest access of any safe in today's article. Your handgun pistol grip is already accessible, and the safe has a fast-activation, drop-down drawer for immediate action. The SpeedVault boasts 18-gauge steel and can be mounted in multiple positions. The mounting hardware is even thrown in for good measure. This unit comes with audio and LED low battery warning, and a back-up override key.

In our previous article, we included a safe that met the strict CA safety standards for securing your weapons. This single-pistol safe is also approved through those rigorous standards. The SpeedVault is one of our favorites. Finally, a safe that offers quick access to a single weapon for emergencies, while keeping our firearms safe and secure.

Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe

Finally, this is the safe you have been waiting for if you are looking for a solution to store rifles, shotguns, pistols, or even your range bag. This large safe is highly secure with advanced biometric technology, restricting access to only authorized users. The rifle safe has a 5-point deadbolt system for maximum security. This Barska weighs in around 114 lbs. and can be floor or wall mounted. The safe is almost 5-feet tall and is roughly 14” square. Found inside is a removable 12 position interior gun rack to help you organize to the max.

barska large biometric rifle safe

The advanced Biometric Fingerprint Technology recognizes and stores the standard 120 different patterns and is easy and simple to use. Push the power button, scan your fingerprint, turn the handle and you’re in. Included are 4-AA batteries and back-up keys in case of battery failure. The Barska  features a silent access mode and comes in currently around $700.

Best Biometric Gun Safe Conclusion

In conclusion, those are our top choices in the biometric gun safe category. Everyone should be able to find what they need in these safes to meet the most basic or advanced needs. They all boast strong steel construction with locking mechanisms that have the added security feature of biometric fingerprint scanning technology. Practice entering your safe a few times, check or recharge your batteries regularly, and keep your valuables safe, yet quickly accessible.

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