The Best Bedside Gun Safe

We are super excited about this next article in our series on gun safes. We understand that when it comes to the best bedside gun safe, it's always a task trying to find the right balance between safety, quick access, and safe size. Well, we put our heads together to tackle that exact task in this article. Leave your comments below, as we explore several small safes that are relatively discreet and can be accessed quickly if the situation arises. It's common sense, but convenience comes at the cost of capacity. However, these bedside safes can fit one to two handguns with maybe a possibility for back-up magazines and ammunition.

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What Makes the Best Bedside Gun Safe?

Convenience, quick access, security, and size are the characteristics we focus on when looking for the best bedside gun safe. Large, bulky gun safes are not ideal to keep next to the bed or in high traffic areas of the house. With those safes, it may take too long to get the door open, the safe may be too far away. There are a number of reasons why big safes are inadequate for those immediate home defense situations.

bedroom to put bedside gun safe

Not to mention, smaller safes are relatively discreet and you can access them quickly in those situations where you need them the most. Which makes them perfect for a bedside gun safe. However, we know that it'd be nice to have two handguns or extra mags in the bedside gun safe, so we look at those options as well. You know your situation best, so choose the appropriate gun safe for your situation. For that reason, the safes in this article are not in any ranking order. These are all quality safes.

Ft. Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box

The first safe we like is the Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box. This small safe is made of 10-gauge steel and features a hidden, welded hinge. The interior has a foam lining to protect any gun you place inside. The safe’s interior measures 10.25” D x 3.625” H x 8.25” W and weighs 22 lbs. It will come pre-drilled in order for the user to bolt it to a secure surface.

fort knox gun box image

The Ft. Knox Pistol Box can fit up to two full-size pistols based on their barrel length. To access the safe, the user will develop their own combination and enter it via a 5-button punch down mechanical lock. Unlike other safes listed in this article, it comes in only one color, textured antique silver. The Ft. Knox Pistol Box has a price point of about $250.00.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

The next safe is the Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe. (Note: this safe is also in our article on biometric gun safes.) Of all of the safes in this article, the VT20i may be the most technologically advanced. The Vaultek is constructed of 14-gauge steel and has a foam-lined interior. When you open the safe, LED lights activate so that contents can be easily identified. This is a great feature a safe your using next to your bed. Which is another reason this product is considered by us to be one of the best bedside gun safes. Also, Vaultek provides a mobile app that you can use to track the usage of the safe, toggle the sound on or off, and adjust the brightness of the interior LED.

vaultek vt20i biometric bedside gun safe

The VT20i weighs in at only 16 lbs. and has a very small footprint. The safe measures 13.7” W x 6.5” x 2.75” H and is available for purchase in black, white, urban camo, or desert tan. It has the capacity to hold two pistols. The VT20i has several different ways to access the safe. It can be accessed via a biometric finger scan, a key, a keypad, or the Vaultek smart key. With a price point of $399.99 this is the most expensive on the list.

The Gunbox 2.0 Smart Gun Safe

The third in our best bedside gun safe run down is the Gunbox 2.0 Smart Gun Safe. Very much like the Vaultek VT20i, this small safe uses new technologies to assist the user. The Gunbox 2.0 allows the user to access the safe via a biometric fingerprint, a keypad, or included RFID tags. The safe is made of 4 mm die-cast aluminium and features hydraulic opening struts. Although it's interior is not lined with foam, it does contain a thin fabric lining inside to protect the owner’s contents. Also, there is an interior LED light makes the safe great to use in low-light conditions.

gunbox 2.0 best bedside gun safe

This gun safe is the smallest of the safes in our article. The Gunbox 2.0 weighs 7.2 lbs. and is 8.75” W x 7.5” D x 1.75” H. Due to its small stature, the Gunbox 2.0 is only able to hold one pistol and an additional magazine. Despite the smaller size, it's a real contender for the best bedside gun safe. And it is available in black or grey for about $289.00.

GunVault MiniVault Handgun Safe

The next affordable and reliable safe is the GunVault MiniVault Handgun Safe. This safe is constructed using durable 16-gauge steel and has a tamper-resistant spring-loaded door. GunVault patented a No-Eyes quick access system that allows the user to program their own access code. Sidenote, a biometric version of this safe can also be purchased and it can store up to 20 fingerprints.  Additionally, the MiniVault does include a lockout mode if too many invalid entries have occurred.

gunvault minivault gun safe

This safe boasts all-steel construction and weighs 10 lbs. The biometric version of the MiniVault includes an interior LED along with foam padding. The safe is 5.25” H x 8.125” W x 12” D which will allow the user to store up to two pistols and additional magazines. After comparing it to the technologically advanced VT20i and the Gunbox 2.0, the user can expect that the price will be lower. The GunVault MiniVault can be purchased for $199.99.

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

Another unique safe is the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe. This safe is solid steel and boasts a .675” thick door. The spring-loaded drop-down door opens to a foam-lined interior with a red LED light. The manufacturer includes a safety cable and has pre-drilled this safe for easy installation. You can access the Stealth Handgun safe using an electronic keypad with a 6-digit combination set by the user. That is where the similarities with other small safes end.

stealth handgun hanger safe

This small safe holds up to 5 pistols. That is three more than any of the other bedside gun safes in this article. The safe can hold these pistols using rods that extend into the barrels. This allows the user to reach into the safe and pull the handgun out in the ready position. The rods have a special so they do not damage the rifling of the barrel. The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe has three rods and has enough room for two more pistols to lay flat on the bottom of the safe. The interior of the safe is 775” H x 8.5” W x 11” D and weighs 19 lbs. This unique safe is available for purchase for only $139.99.

GunVault SpeedVault SVB500 Biometric Pistol Handgun Safe

That's right, that makes another article where two GunVault safes make the list. Remember the old movies or television shows when the sheriff or good guy was about to get finished off. Then he suddenly reaches under the desk or beside the bed in his hotel room, pulls out his back-up, allowing him to live to see another day? This is that pistol holder; only with 21st century top of the line features.

gunvault speedvault

Looking at the photo, you can see it is definitely for one weapon. But, you can place it strategically anywhere near your bedside for super-quick access. Your handgun pistol grip will be readily accessible. Moreover, the safe has a fast-activation, drop-down drawer for immediate access. The SpeedVault boasts 18-gauge steel and you can mount it in multiple positions. The mounting hardware even comes with your purchase. And this unit comes with audio and LED low battery warning, and a back-up override key. This safe offers quick access to a single weapon for emergencies. Which is why it makes our list of best bedside gun safes.

Best Bedside Gun Safe Conclusion

In conclusion, just because safes are small does not mean they don't have a large array of features. And those features can make them the best bedside gun safe for your needs. We like these safes because they fit in small spaces, keep your guns secure, and you can access your firearm quickly. On top of that, they look modern and utilize new technology. So they are not an eyesore, nor do they appear out of place if they're visible next to your bedside table.

picture of bedroom to put best bedside gun safe

Although these safes do not hold as many firearms as large safes, they are easier to hide. And, they may be able to even fit in your nightstand if you have the room. Small safes next to the bedside definitely have their place in a well-coordinated home defense plan and are available at various price levels. So what do you have? Or what are you going to get?

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