The Best Ankle Holster

We are always looking for the best ankle holster. So many of the August and Peel field testers are plainclothes law enforcement officers. So an ankle holster that is comfortable, provides concealment and gives you an alternative to an outside the waistband (IWB) or inside the waistband (IWB) holster is an absolute commodity. Additionally, an ankle holster is an absolute must-have for stylish concealed carry. Even if you've tailored your suit for concealed carry, sometimes you just need to carry on the ankle.

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With that in mind, the Galco Ankle Glove holster is our top pick, by a long way, for the best ankle holster. Before we go any further we should say something. Obviously, for weapon access, the recommended carrying position for your firearm is outside the waistband and on your hip. If you are working, the ankle is not where you want to carry your firearm most of the time. Especially if you're planning on hitting a house or working some sort of tactical operation.

galco ankle glove holster being worn

However, sometimes during the rest of your busy life, an OWB (or even an IWB) is just not feasible. Not to mention, if you have specific fashion requirements, or desires, an ankle holster might be your only option.  (Think, wearing your fancy suit to a wedding or putting on your favorite pair of slacks for a dinner date.)

The Fit of the Best Ankle Holster

The comfort and fit of the Galco ankle glove holster is what we like most about this piece of gear. The sheepskin wool, neoprene wrap, and sturdy velcro make for a comfortable ankle holster option. The firearm stays tight to the leg, minimizing any printing or snagging.  Thus, this allows you considerable options on pant style. And to state the obvious, with your gun on your ankle your shirt and coat/jacket options are limitless. Some agencies have restrictions on the firearms you are allowed to carry (on or off duty). If that is the case, our opinion is that this holster one of the best for the Glock 26,27 or 33.

galco ankle glove with glock 27

The Function of a Top-Notch Ankle Holster

When it comes to concealed carry holsters, on the ankle or IWB, we prefer holsters with a thumb break. We like the security and retention it provides. There's always someone out there that will complain about drawing speed with concealable holsters. We say, "Come on man!" When you contemplate real-life situations, if you're trying to quick draw from your ankle or IWB, you should really rethink your situation and actions.

galco ankle glove comfortable sheep skin

So, when you combine the thumb break, with the steer hide leather of this Galco Ankle Glove holster, you have yourself a nice secure and functional holster. As with any new holsters, this needs to be broken in. Moreover, you should always practice quite a few reps with an ankle holster.  Make sure you are familiar and ready to draw if you ever need to. (Safety note: do not break in your holster or practice drawing with a loaded firearm.)

Extra Tip: there is a pretty good video put out by Cops Plus on how to break in a holster. The YouTube video is here. There are bunch more out there, but this one is pretty simple.

Conclusion - We Like the Galco Ankle Glove

There are other ankle holsters out there. There are even specific ankle holsters for specific firearms that might be better for your specific CCW requirements. This may be especially true if you are carrying a revolver or some other small frame pistol. If so, please share in the comments section.

galco ankle glove best ankle holster

However, if you are carrying a mini-Glock, a compact firearm, or similar style weapon, and you are looking for an all-around comfortable fit and sturdy holster, the Galco Ankle Glove will not disappoint. But don't forget, a solid concealed carry jacket and a pair of CCW pants make an OWB or IWB holster a pretty good option too!

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