Best Gun Safes Under $10,000

Hey everyone! We are back at it with another article in our "safe series." The last several articles the best biometric gun safes, the best car gun safes, the best bedside gun safe, and the best gun safes under $500 and under $1,000. This article explains to you the best in luxurious gun safes. In essence, providing you choices among the best gun safes under $10,000. Typically, these safes will be perfect if you have quite a bit of floor space or need a plethora of firearms to store. We will explore one safe at every price point from $1,000 upwards to over $6,000. You will definitely find some great features in these large, spacious, and luxurious safes. 

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American Security TF5924E5 Rifle & Gun Safe

Our first safe comes in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. The AMSEC TF5924E5 Rifle & Gun Safe is constructed of 14-gauge steel and is fire rated for 30 minutes at 1200 degrees. The door is 1.75” thick and locks secure tightly via 14 – 1.25” diameter steel bolts. Moreover, the interior is fully customizable with removable shelves, with a stationary full-length top shelf. The AMSEC safe fits up to 16 rifles/shotguns. Additionally, AMSEC sells multiple kits to be added to the safe, such as pistol racks, handgun hangers, and hanging baskets.

American TF Securities Gun Safe

The safe is pre-drilled with four anchor holes and one pre-cut electrical access hole. With the purchase of an upgrade package, the safe can be fitted with a 120 LED light kit and a dehumidifier rod. This AMSEC safe comes standard with a digital electronic lock, but a mechanical combination lock can be purchased to replace it. Finally, this safe weighs in at 388 lbs. and boasts a footprint of 59” H x 24” W x 18” D. With the premium upgrade kit, this safe can be purchased for $1,443.40. Thus, making it the cheapest in our list of best gun safes under $10,000.

Steelwater Extreme Duty HD724228

Our next safe is the Steelwater Extreme Duty HD724228. This safe is constructed out of 9-guage steel and features a .25” solid steel plate in the door. And has a fire rating of 120 minutes at 1875 degrees, this safe is great for fire protection. The interior boasts customizable shelving and automatic LED lights for easy access in low light situation. Likewise, the Steelwater Extreme Duty safe can hold up to forty-five firearms within its 72” H x 42” W x 27.625” D body. The safe locks securely with 20 – 1.875” locking bolts in the pry resistant door. To access the safe, the consumer will use an EMP proof electronic lock.

HD724528 Best Gun Safe Under 10000

This safe features two re-locking devices that will secure the safe in the event that it is attacked. Behind the locking mechanism is a drill resistant hard plate. With the purchase of this safe, Steelwater will include a rechargeable dehumidifier and a door organizer. In addition, the safe comes pre-drilled with anchor holes, but the installation kit is not included with purchase. The Steelwater Extreme Duty safe weighs in at a massive 1,250 lbs. and can be purchased for $2,695.00. This safe has some extraordinary safety features and fire-resistant properties, making it a great choice in our list of the best gun safes under $10,000.

Browning US33 Black Label Mark IV Gun Safe

The next safe, the Browning US33 Black Label Mark IV Gun Safe, occupies the $3,000 to $4,000 price range on this list. This Browning safe is constructed of 11-gauge steel and can withstand temperatures to 1680 degrees for up to 100 minutes. Notably, the Mark IV has a fully customizable interior and Browning has over twenty different add-ons for the interior of the safe. The safe door contains 10 – 1.25” pry-resistant locking bolts and the consumer can choose between an electronic lock or a biometric locking system. Above all, the locking system is constructed out of hardened steel to resist drill attacks.


The Mark IV is one of the smaller safes on the list of the best gun safes under $10,000. It boasts a footprint of 60” H x 30” W x 25” D, but it has the ability to hold thirty-three rifles/shotguns. Additionally, this safe has the modern gun owner in mind and Browning includes carbine barrel loops and a pistol rack. The Mark IV is the only safe on this list with external storage capacity. For example, on top of the safe is a semi-enclosed area to store anything that does not belong in the safe. This safe does have an interior lighting system and is pre-drilled for an electrical outlet. The Mark IV has a weight of 730 lbs. and a cost, without any extras, of $3,599.99.

Fort Knox Executive 7241 Vault

The next luxury safe on the list is the Fort Knox Executive 7241 Vault. This safe is in the $4,000 to $5,000 range. It is constructed of 10-gauge steel and is temperature rated at 1680 degrees for 90 minutes. This safe has eight ways to customize the interior. For instance, one of the ways to customize the interior leaves room for fifty-seven guns. Even with that number of firearms, a top-shelf remains so that other items can be placed in the safe. The interior is carpet lined and is Velcro friendly. There are several interior options such as lighting and a mirror. These extras need to be added and do not come with the base model. The base model does include an internal power supply, but the plug-in dehumidifier is not included.

Fort Knox Executive 7241 Vault

The safe is secured by 20 – 1.5” steel locking bolts that use an electronic or mechanical lock. Safety features include a remote re-locking system, a drill deflector bolt guard, and a hard plate to prevent drill attacks. The safe is 72” H x 41” W x 27” D and weighs a massive 1,596 lbs. With the built-in security features and large storage capacity, this safe will cost the consumer $4,876. Although expensive, this safe is still not the most expensive safe on this list. The most luxurious safe title belongs to the next safe.

Reed Custom Safes MS7 Collection model 5072

The last safe on the list is the Cadillac of the best gun safes under $10,000. It is manufactured by Reed Custom Safes and definitely falls in the upper end of the price range. Constructed of 7-gauge steel and rated for 90 minutes at 1200 degrees, it is a real beast. Not to mention, it is 72” H x 50” W x 28” deep and can hold 30 rifles/shotguns. If additional gun storage sliders are purchased, this safe can hold up to 50 long guns. The interior contains an electrical outlet that will power motion-sensor LED lights and includes a door kit for extra storage.

Reed 5072 gun safe

The door is secured using 20 – 1.5” stainless steel bolts and is pry-resistant. Security features include a drill-resistant keyed lock, an automatic re-locker, and a bolt deterrent system. Finally, loaded with patented storage equipment and customizable options, this 1,700 lbs. safe will cost the consumer $5,733 before any extras are purchased.

Conclusion - Best Gun Safes Under $10,000

In conclusion, there are safes available for anyone, in any budget, with a variety of features. Therefore, these luxury safes offer immense amounts of space, safety, and unique options. Whether you're going big to protect their most valuable assets, securing their firearms in a vehicle, or conserving money to buy more firearms, a safe exists for whatever your purpose.

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