What are the Best Concealed Carry Pants?

The quest for the perfect pair of concealed carry pants is what pushed us to develop our own clothing brand. For over a decade we have been on a mission to find the best CCW pants. We all know that there are blog posts and reviews out there that claim to have found the "best pants for concealed carry." And maybe they are the best for them. Or maybe, even more likely, they're just the best CCW pants currently available. But we know this, plainclothes law enforcement and professionals that carry firearms every day are still searching for the best. And we're working on filling that gap, with our own fashionable, comfortable, and functional pants. In the meantime, what should you do? (P.S. Don't forget to grab one of our belts for any pants you decide to buy!)

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What do you do when there is no "best pair of concealed carry pants?"

Although we have been generally disappointed with the choices and selection of available concealed carry pants, we think it is still helpful to provide you with a list of what we believe to be the best available concealed carry pants. Before we begin, let us explain our search criteria, in general order of priority. First, we are looking for pants that have a high level of fashion. In essence, a pair of pants that is stylish, modern, and made with great looking fabric. Second, the pants need to be comfortable, flexible in the right spots, and breathable. Third, the pants need to be functional. They need to allow for holsters in the right places, have belt loops that can hold the weight of a firearm, and have ample storage pockets. 

So let's go over the several sub-par choices that we end up settling on:

  1. Concealed carry cargo pants
  2. "Covert tactical" type modified khaki concealed carry pants
  3. Hiking or outdoor pants and hope they work as concealed carry pants
  4. Fashionable khakis, chinos, or dress pants and just force them to work

In this article, we are going to cover the first three of the reluctant choices we have had to make in our professional concealed carry lives. And really these are the choices we, as a community, have had to make for years. In each of the choices we aim to provide you with the top concealed carry option, despite their shortcomings. The fourth option, as well as reviews of specific products, will be covered in separate posts. 

The Best Concealed Carry Cargo Pants

There are two choices here. First, if you don't mind looking like Tactical Joe or Tackleberry Tom, 5.11 Tactical offers some pretty good options. We typically aren't wearing these unless we're, well, dressing for some type of tactical/operational reason. It's kind of annoying when we see folks out and about wearing their tactical gear at Lowe's or Bed Bath and Beyond. But hey, to each his own. If you're into it, check out 5.11 TACLITE PRO Tactical Pant. They are durable, have tons of storage, and are pretty comfortable. There is a reason there are over 3,600 five star reviews for these pants on Amazon. And there's a reason law enforcement academies around the country make these their go-to pants. Just remember, you're not necessarily blending in, or looking stylish if you're wearing these.

5.11 taclite pro tactical ccw pants

If you're looking for an alternative to 5.11 in the concealed carry cargo pants category, we suggest the CQR Men's Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo TLP105 / TLP104. You are definitely not getting away from that tactical look here, but they do serve the purpose they intend to fill. For one, the material is durable and high strength. Likewise, the pants boast a ton of pockets. Not to mention, the belt loops and pant legs allow for a variety of holster options, from IWB, to OWB, to ankle.

The Best Covert Tactical Concealed Carry Pants

Our clear choice in this category is the Under Armour Storm Covert Tactical concealed carry pants. They are a bit of a cross between the 5.11 type pants mentioned above and the outdoor hiking type pants listed in the next section. Extremely durable, fairly stylish, and quite comfortable. The ripstop fabric is definitely "tactical" looking, but the style is not that typical cargo looking "tacticool" pant. Additionally, the waist is extremely comfortable and the belt loops are positioned perfectly for OWB and IWB holsters. Overall, they may be one of the best fitting tactical pants we have tried.

If you don't like these Under Armour Storm Tactical Concealed Carry Pants, then we're not sure what you'll like. Well, probably our pants when they're released. Until then, perhaps take a look at the Eddie Bauer Men's Guide Pro Pants as an option. Although, the Eddie Bauer line is a bit more outdoor/hiking style than tactical.

The Best Pair of Hiking or Outdoor Pants for Concealed Carry

There are a lot of reasons to like Columbia's Pilsner Peak pants. They look good, they feel good, and they have a lot of features that make them a great choice for concealed carry pants.

We have tried a ton of pants in this category over the years. We don't have a lot of great choices. But Columbia consistently ranks in the upper echelons, with respect to carrying concealed. Another pair we like, in addition to the Pilsner Peak, is the Flex ROC Pant. The pants have great pocket design, stylish button closure, and great look and feel flexible fabric. All in all, it allows for pretty comfortable carrying of a weapon and looks pretty decent too.

If you're still looking for some brands to look at, prAna makes a couple of pairs that may work for you. It's always worth signing up for our newsletter, as we consistently highlight pairs of pants we've tried recently.

Concealed Carry Pants Conclusion

We are in the manufacturing phase of our own pants. Make sure to pair any of the pants above with our already released reinforced concealed carry belt. And sign-up for our newsletter below to be notified of our progress and to be the first to pre-order a pair. In the meantime, although you will be slightly disappointed in the choices above, they are adequate products. You may need to buy a few different pairs that have their strengths. In doing so, you'll be able to carry fairly comfortably. And most importantly, you'll be ready if you need to be. Pair the pants with a nice outdoor jacket and you'll be able to conceal carry in nearly every arrangement.

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