What Makes the Best Concealed Carry Jacket?

Whether you wear a lightweight layer, heavy jacket, or sport coat, having multiple options for a concealed carry jacket is crucial. Outerwear is vital for plainclothes and off duty law enforcement. But the same goes for anyone that regularly carries a concealed firearm. Below we address several considerations, for both function and fashion, to help you find the best concealed carry jacket.

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Characteristics of the Best Concealed Carry Jacket

As far as function is concerned, full zip or button up sweatshirts or jackets are the best choices. This allows you a little quicker and smoother access to your sidearm. However, if you practice drawing from concealment with a pull-over (or while your outer layer is zipped/buttoned up) you'll find your draw speed will not significantly decrease. This allows your concealed carry jacket options to really be anything on the market. With that being said, we advise you to choose premium fabrics that are medium to heavyweight. The reason for this is to both minimize weapon printing, but also decrease the likelihood that your gun or sights rip your jacket.

tonal check sport coat

When it comes to looks, we think simple designs look the best. Furthermore, they are more versatile in style and allow you to mix and match with a variety of different pants and shirts. Besides that, you can wear something like that as an everyday garment or wear it at work. And if you stick to a flexible design with high breathability, it will make movement comfortable enough to wear it on a hike or walk.

Sport Coats and Blazers

For those dressier occasions, we think a sport coat may be one of the best concealment garments to carry a firearm, bar none. It is also an extremely versatile option that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Overall, there are a lot of sport coats or blazers that fit the bill. Something like this Dockers blazer is an affordable, versatile and stylish option for your wardrobe. And if it gets torn while you're at work for some reason, you won't be out a ton of money.

dockers suit separate blazer sport coat

We like two-button sport coats that are tailored fit and four button sleeves. For style, we look for a slim fit, but with plenty of room to conceal an OWB or IWB. The navy color makes for a great pairing with slacks, khakis, or jeans. The multiple fabric choices, but a polyester/viscose blend that feels comfortable on the skin and looks nice is a great choice. In addition, we look for breathability, which can sometimes be a problem with sport coats or suit jackets.

You can't beat the functionality of sports coats, especially for the price. Throw it on with a pair of chinos, one of our belts, a polo or button up shirt, and your favorite holster... you won't regret the look and have easy concealed access to your weapon.

Windbreakers and Outside Shells

Like a sportcoat, a windbreaker or outside shell is a great concealed carry jacket. The Watertight II by Columbia Sportswear is a popular entry-level rain jacket with a ton of different colors. It is meant to keep you dry and it does just that. And it looks great. We like this jacket paired with khakis or jeans, in any attire ranging from casual to business casual. The jacket is well designed and comfortable. Also, it's functional and easy to pack away. The jacket will cover most of your lightweight needs, from hiking, to the range or out on surveillance. It makes a perfect, versatile, and simple concealed carry jacket.

 columbia watertight ii


No matter what you fancy, this windbreaker is a great concealed carry jacket.  Its fashion, fit, and function allows you to look good and perform a smooth quick draw. Likewise, a sport coat is always a great option for concealed carry. In fact, as we said, we think a sport coat may be one of the best concealment garments to carry a firearm.

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