On and Off Duty Clothing Meets August Vollmer and Sir Robert Peel

What's with our name?

August Vollmer and Sir Robert Peel are credited with modernizing and professionalizing policing in the US and UK, respectively. Their impact on policing was huge. Specifically, they established standards, uniforms, education, rules, training, and many other aspects of policing. From the 1820s through the 1930s, the two men consistently advocated for equilibrium when enforcing the laws. They urged police officers to strike a balance between eliciting voluntary compliance of the law and the use of force. True, they weren't worried about off duty clothing per se.

august vollmer and sir robert peel

But for me, as a history buff, it seemed like a natural choice to combine the two names when forming the brand. The fathers of modern policing pushed for equilibrium in law enforcement. August and Peel seeks an equilibrium between wearing stylish and comfortable apparel, while still being able to functionally carry a firearm. While Vollmer and Peel focused their efforts on policing, the 21st century August and Peel focuses on plainclothes and off duty clothing.

Aren’t there other companies that make on and off duty clothing and apparel for law enforcement?

There are a few major tactical brands and companies out there. Their products are good and they definitely serve a purpose. Especially on those early morning operations. However, to depict everyone as special ops, or ultra-tactical, is just not reality. And its definitely lacking style. Good looking off duty clothing is just not their focus.   

We should say, we are not anti-tactical. But at August and Peel, we’re about practical before tactical. True professionals that conceal carry do normal people things most of the time. They go shopping, they go to the beach, they go hiking, and they go to their kids' sports games.

Non-uniformed law enforcement are often in regular apparel at work as well. They write reports, work with attorneys, attend meetings, and act as representatives for their respective offices. These activities require stylish, tasteful, and modern attire. At August and Peel, that is our speciality. Whether off duty clothing, plainclothes, or otherwise, we make it our thing. 

plainclothes and off duty clothing logo

Concealed Carry Clothing That's Fashionable, Functional and Comfortable

All of these true professionals carry concealed firearms as part of what they do. But it is not what defines them. Until August and Peel, it’s been nearly impossible to find fashionable, functional, and comfortable apparel.  We know you sorely need attire that looks good and holds all of the necessary plainclothes gear. That's why August and Peel is the first entirely plainclothes brand. We focus specifically on designing functional apparel that is comfortable and comforting and looks good for any occasion. 

Is the on and off duty clothing tested? 

The key ingredient in our apparel is that we design everything in consultation with the true professionals that conceal carry. Many are keeping our streets safe at this very moment. Our products go through rigorous field tests by our August+Peel ambassadors. We then incorporate regular feedback into the design process at every stage. We want whatever you’re wearing, whether it’s on duty or off duty clothing, to perform exactly as you need it, every time. 

Who founded August and Peel?

Erin Anderson is no stranger to law enforcement professionals. She is a wife, daughter, sister, and cousin to federal, state, and local law enforcement officers, not to mention the hundreds of friends she has that work in the trade. For over a decade, Erin listened to her family and friends complain about their inability to find apparel in that sweet spot between fashion, function, and comfort. Always interested in fashion, with the support of her law enforcement “family,” and under the mentorship of some apparel pros (more family), Erin kicked off the design of August and Peel’s first garments in late 2018. She is providing you the best off duty clothing and plainclothes on-duty options in the world.

owner of plainclothes and off duty clothing brand August and Peel

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